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A murder occurs at the Wistful Wisteria Resort, the popular vacation destination known for the sentient toys running the whole island. Detective Iris is sent on the case to solve who brutally broke Jack-in-the-box entertainer, Jacquelyn Box, beyond repair while navigating the curious cast of characters of the resort.

The base of the story sprung from a high school assignment where I came up with idea of a murderous doll. This version was very superficial and the inclusion of Iris or a detective did not happen until college.


The current story is inspired by the games I played as a child. I imagine Iris’s story as a series of point-and-click games that is separated by each mystery, and this mystery takes place on an island resort run by sentient toys called Wistful Wisteria Inn. Jack-in-the-box Jacquelyn Box is found destroyed to bits at the resort’s gardens and Detective Iris is called in to investigate who could’ve carried out such a violent act. The player would then explore the island, interview the characters, and slowly fit all the pieces together to solve the murder.


Wisteria Inn came to be when a toymaker made a sentient doll to act as a replacement for the daughter he lost, and they would have a great relationship for some years. He eventually found another wife to start another life with and left the doll on an island that the main story takes place on. He falsely promised her that he’ll be back one day and left her with a few other toys. Since then, the toys became self-reliant, being able to create a town and become a tight-knit community. They were eventually discovered by humans who saw them as an opportunity to transform their town into a tourist attraction, and they have been a resort town ever since.


Iris is probably the oldest character I created and whose story I am most scared to approach because I have no prior experience writing mystery stories. But I would like to figure some of that out during the term through illustration.


I imagine her to be quite smart and witty, something she had developed over the course of her career. She has always enjoyed mysteries as a kid, approaching them as puzzles needing the pieces put together, and found pride in putting the final piece to wrap up the case neatly. As an adult, the part of her work she enjoys the most is the tedious nature of reviewing clues over and over to find that break in the case.

Jacquelyn Box

The resident comedian that entertained guests every night and the murder victim. She expressed wanting to leave Wisteria Inn to explore the world, finding the monotonous task of repeating the same jokes every night uninspiring and almost insulting to her pride as a jokester. She is generally well liked, so it is difficult to pin down a possible motive as to why she was killed.


Named after the china rabbit from the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Edward is a timid and soft-spoken stuffed rabbit. He is Jaqcuelyn’s best friend and was the one who found her remains in the gardens. 


Lilith is the ball-jointed doll the Toymaker left on Wisteria Isle years ago. She does not talk about him nor does she want to. She has, however, adopted his kind personality and treats her fellow toys very affectionately to the point they became her new family.


Her body is that of a young teen, but her mind is over a hundred years old, making Lilith a wise and well-respected boss at the resort.

Sir Quackington

A very refined stuffed duck, Sir Quackington runs the front desk and checks all the guests in. He is very meticulous about keeping the guest book and overall resort in order.


He is also very dramatic, audibly gasping at every offense to him, no matter how little.

Bobby the Beach Ball

An inflatable beach ball that cannot physically speak. He instead bounces and Sir Quacktington translates it for Iris to understand.


Bobby rolls around the beach area to make sure guests are safe and abiding by the rules, as well as maintaining the beach’s cleanliness.

Millie Bear

A cute pink stuffed bear that co-runs the Inn’s restaurant with her husband, Barry. She is very sweet and loving to her family and treats the restaurant the same way. Guests love her and enjoy engaging in conversation with her whenever she checks on them and their meals.

Barry Bear

A stuffed bear that co-runs the Inn’s restaurant with his wife, Millie. He radiates big dad energy and loves interacting with guests. He is also a very active lad, playing beach volley ball with his son, Murray, every other weekend as father-son bonding time.

Doctor Murray Bear

Millie and Barry’s son who became the island’s resident toy doctor after toys needed minor repairs ranging from stitching and broken wheels. He is generally very humorous.

He also carried out Jacquelyn’s autopsy and provided all the details regarding her cause of death and probable circumstances around it.


Dr. Bear’s very laid back receptionist. Due to the slippery nature of his plastic body, Perry uses a lot of sticky back velcro to stick clothes and name tags to his body. This is the first piece of information Iris receives about him upon first meeting during her visit to Dr. Bear’s office.

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