"Viridian seeks to master botanical magic to one day take over caring for her grandmother’s famous garden, a pride and joy of her city. However, she struggles with constant self-doubt to live up to expectations that come with the responsibility. But with the support of her loved ones, she slowly but surely makes her journey to becoming a witch she can be proud of."

I never talked about this comic or character in class, since I would feel bad about double dipping my work for the Barometer and work for class. Viridian is a slice-of-life-esque cartoon about this girl named Viridian, or Vi for short, studying to become a floral witch, basically a witch whose magic specializes on helping plant life and improving ecosystems. It is not the most popular choice of study at her academy, so she is currently the only student under the teachings of Professor Ava Labelle. The story mostly focuses on quick  silly and sweet moments so that I could make the biweekly deadline at work. If I had more time, I would definitely develop this story differently, but I’m glad the short silly stuff does exist to add a sense of realness to the characters.


But because of that lack of development, this section will be pretty brief ;-;

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Meet the Characters

Viridian (Vi)

Vi aspires to be a floral witch to look after her grandmother’s famous garden. Though, she struggles with her self-esteem and her capability to handle the pressures of the academy and her grandmother’s expectations. She often relies on Faye to pick her back up in those situations.


She also gets anxious and socially anxious and has a pretty reserved nature in front of most people. But with Faye, she feels more comfortable to express other sides of herself.


She also got a pet frog that she loves very much c:


She is Vi’s supportive and goofy best friend who does her best to cheer Vi up whenever she’s feeling down. Faye also brings out the fun in Vi, creating an atmosphere where it is comfortable for her to be more outgoing, making them a fun, and sometimes, chaotic, duo.


Ava Labelle

Vi’s only professor specializing in her field of study. Her parents are a human and mermaid, so she retains a mostly human body with some fish features. She lived all of her life on land with her human mother, and developed a love for flowers growing up in a floral shop. She holds little to no connection to the sea, even when asked by her mother about it and her father.

Marina (Mari) Laine

Ava’s younger half-sister. They share the same father but never met in person until Mari convinced her father to take her on a trip to the land and snuck away to find Ava at the Academy. She desires to have a relationship with her sister after spending many lonely days as her parents are constantly off at work and her many difficulties making friends her age.